" A Special Place
       for Special People"
Camp Nerden

Editor: Camp Nerden — wow! What a great summer my daughter had attending this camp for the first time. I had no idea this camp existed for as long as it has. It’s very difficult to find a camp that supports children and adults with special needs, so I’m very glad I stum­bled upon it.

There are so many dynamics that come with a child who has special needs. This camp helps to support these children and adults along with their families. There are numerous professionals, volunteers and parents that dedicate their time, talents and re­sources to support this camp not only in the summer months, but throughout the year as well. I’d like to thank each and everyone for the influence they’ve had on my daughter, Giana. This camp provided structured activities like arts and crafts, music, swimming, indoor and outdoor recreation, theme days like hat day, super hero day,
t-shirt day and special events like the weekly cookout, family fun night and camper awards.

Giana looked forward to going to camp and each day she shared some­thing special about the camp with my husband and I. She developed nice friendships with the other campers and with the staff. If you have a child with special needs or know of some­one who does, I highly suggest checking this camp out. If you’re an individual who wants to show your support, call them to see how you can help out.

Giving back is priceless! Thanks once again to everyone at Camp Nerden!


Submitted to Meriden Record Journal 8/2009